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Beneath the surface commotion of a traditional life a woman strives to capture an immensity of being beyond her daily imaginings. The poems in this collection cluster around five waypoints an inland river might pass through on its journey to the sea—from the headwaters, to the riverbed, through the convulsions of cataracts and flood plains, to the fingers of the estuary reaching out into the sea.

Selected Poems 
HEADWATERS     "When She Was Five"
RIVERBED            "Corn Field in Winter"
CATARACTS         "Pelican Lost"
FLOOD PLAINS   "Bird Up a Tree"
ESTUARY              "Books I Want To Read"


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Linda Cassidy is a poet and mystery writer. Her first collection of poems, Inland Waterways:Poems from a Peaceable Kingdom, narrates moments in the ebb and flow of a woman’s inner life as she strives to grow beyond the limitations of her heritage. 

Recently, Linda completed a mystery novel, The Long Revenge, a story of betrayal and revenge between two sisters. 

Born in Toronto, with brief residencies in England and Australia, Linda now resides west of Toronto in the Town of Oakville within walking distance of Lake Ontario, one of the world’s greatest inland waterways.