Betsy Warland, author of Breathing the Page: Reading the Act of Writing (2010)  Program Director, The Writer’s Studio, Simon Fraser University

“In the hands of a skillful poet, the ordinary is never the ordinary.  Linda Cassidy's life-long quest for being made new by the poem and making the poem new is a delightful read. Of her mattress she writes "It's naked flesh bulges in spots/sags in others...Stripped clean of its clothing...I'm embarrassed by its lack of dignity." The verve and veracity of this poetic narrative makes you want to read this collection again and again.”

The Canadian Book Review: A Free-Form Review of Literature from the Great White North  March 23, 2011

Linda Cassidy has done a wonderful job in her first collection. Her poems are intimate, conversational, accessible, and easily readable. Everyday objects and images become symbols and metaphors in her hands. …. Cassidy’s technique smoothly integrates the language and themes. Using, for the most part, traditional lyrical styling, she takes the small everyday, and sometimes mundane, actions that we do every day and extrapolates these into emotional meditations.